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Contact:Ms. Zhou



Address:First floor, Building 11, Nanyi Lane, Fifth Industrial Zone, Industrial Road, Minzhi Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China


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The company's talent: both ability and integrity, moral priorities, and common progress.

Pursuit of motivated employees evolving platform to help employees achieve and enhance their own value;
Before the capable, open, fair and just employment mechanism;
Employee performance management with performance-based work;
Providing market-competitive pay and benefits for employees.

We firmly believe that "employees, customers, specialization" trinity of management structure, to pursue "investing in people" enterprise culture.

→ satisfaction of all our employees is the fundamental guarantee for success
Customers → Customer satisfaction is the criterion of all our work
→ specialization Specialization is the only way to ensure that our quality of service

Continued implementation of "respect, pragmatic, dedicated, honest," the core values, a strong proponent of "only" performance culture, so that all employees feel respected. In between there is a sufficient say in the decision, after the decision to emphasize strong execution, so to better gather every employee, under the guidance of those values, and gradually improve the management and staff welfare system, through the establishment of the system scientific core competencies and training system architecture, focused on creating positive learning organization growing.