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2013-04-05Notice on Hongkong DHL does not accept email address!
Hongkong DHL notification, some countries do not accept mail to the postal address (PO Box), so please provide the correct recipient address sender details to requirements, so as to avoid the shipment cannot delivery cau...
2013-04-05Notice on the Kuwait mail delay!
Hongkong postal notification by customs officers, strike, sent to the Kuwait mail delivery services (including Speedpost) will be delay.
2013-04-05Notice on the Greek island of shipment delay!
Hongkong DHL notice, due to the maritime unions strike activity, all the Greek coastal islands shipment transshipment delivery will be delayed.
2013-04-05The notice about the Hongkong postal mail and Internet access delay!
Hongkong post notice, because the Hongkong export air mail volume (including Speedpost) increased significantly in the lunar new year, Hongkong post need longer time to gradually complete all kinds of mail processing, th...
2013-04-05On Baghdad shipment delay notification!
Hongkong DHL notice, Arabia Union summit will be held in Baghdad, Iraq in March 24-30 day when, all roads will be in Baghdad temporarily closed state, and the effect of delay will be suspended during the period of transi...
2013-04-05Notice of Brazil customs regulations
Hongkong DHL notice, Brazil customs regulations, all imported privately shipment, quantity is not the same product more than 3, otherwise the customs will refuse to customs clearance and arrange shipment delivery to retu...