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2013-04-05Bring the multinational logistics enterprises!
At present, the world's largest logistics companies mostly take the head office and branch system, take the headquarters of centralized logistics operation, the implementation of business vertical management, is actually...
2013-04-05The strategic development of logistics industry!
Strategic positioning of node in city logistics service system construction and development.Positioning of the reasons. Logistics service system is an organic whole of city logistics elements of composition, involves fou...
2013-04-05Distribution logistics management enterprise!
Characteristics of distribution of logistics enterprise.Distribution enterprises are located directly in the face of the terminal market links in the supply chain, have extensive and in-depth marketing network, the custo...
2013-04-05Where B2C e-commerce logistics management to!
E-commerce will become the mainstream business model in twenty-first Century. In the past two years B2C has been developing rapidly in China, various types of shopping sites to provide consumers with a large number of co...