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Mid-Autumn Festival National Day holiday notice!

The respect customer


Thank the customer for a long time for our support and trust, on behalf of all the staff of the company, to express our heartfelt thanks and most noble respect to all customers, the October 1st National Day are arranged as follows:

From 30 to October 3rd 1.9 months holiday (4 of all the work, but part of the channel will be affected by the delay, 5 normal)

2 of all the channel in September 29th 12 a.m. cut off, issue and payment in September 29th before 2 in the afternoon to handle, otherwise shipment will be delayed until October 4th or 5 transit

All of the above please the customers know, inconvenience please forgive me!

Shun Chu: regards

Shenzhen Shihua International Freight Agency Co., Ltd.